2016 Was A Crap Year—Except On TV

Is it just me, or should sci-fi TV get a medal for being the best the thing to come out of 2016? From self-aware robots and clones to space operas and reboots, 2016 reminded us what’s really important in life: outer space, aliens, zombies and fantasy.

Here are five shows that had us tuned in all year long. (SPOILER ALERT!)

1. Westworld

First season viewership of Westworld outshone each premiere season of Game of Thrones and True Detective making it HBO’s newest wunderkind. It’s been described as the Grand Theft Auto of TV which hints at why we love it so much–who doesn’t want to fantasize about going buck wild? With the added bonus of a cerebral fix, Westworld’s 2018 return can’t come soon enough.

2. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ Season 6 united readers and viewers in a series of events that kept us guessing until–not just the penultimate episode as in previous year–but right to the end of the season finale. It was a huge payoff when Arya Stark murdered Walder Frey but there were so many memorable moments this year, not least of which was the sacrificial backstory of one of the saga’s most genuine characters, Hodor.

3. The X-Files

This year’s reboot of The X-Files had fans from the ‘90s, and newcomers wanting to believe.  We fell right back into the arms of Mulder and Scully who took us further down the rabbit hole of their relationship while simultaneously looping in modern conspiracies and even giving us a taste of the old monster-of-the-week episodes. As for an eleventh season? The truth is still out there.

4. Orphan Black (and After The Black)

The penultimate season of Orphan Black was so impressive, it finally awarded Tatiana Maslany her well-deserved Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.  And to boot, the official after show–our own After The Black–was a huge hit here in Canada and south of the border. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to our sistras next year, so in the meantime, we’ll be binge-watching previous seasons on Crave TV.

5. The Expanse

Critics have called The Expanse the best sci-fi since Battlestar Galactica and if you haven’t seen this epic space opera, you’ll want to get caught up before the second season kicks off. We’ve been waiting a while for Season 2 because, but as we learned with Game of Thrones, it’s well worth the wait for shows with production values that are over the moon.

For a full list of our favourite TV shows from 2016, check out the clip below!