This 2015 Film Tribute Will Give You Serious Movie-Related FOMO

Do you already have some serious FOMO when it comes to the amount of awesome film and TV you will never have enough time to consume? Well, this amazing compilation of some of the best cinematic moments from the past year probably won’t help. But you should watch it anyway.

Because, sure, you probably got around to your Mad Max: Fury Road and your Inside Out—and, if not, what did you even do with your summer?!—but, as editor extraordinaire Ben Zuk demonstrates in this compilation of 2015 movies, you probably missed some seriously cool flicks.

The almost-seven-minute compilation has excerpts from 164 movies released (in some definition of that word) in 2015—some of them highlighted more than once and some of them from films that haven’t yet been released in theatres. (Yep, that was some choice footage from the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sadly, BB-8 did not make the cut. We think this was a mistake.)