The Best Doctor Who Cosplayers At Calgary Expo 2017

Calgary takes their sci-fi seriously. The city kicks off every Expo with a trademark Parade of Wonders (that’s POW! To local cosplay regulars) which features costumed Expo-goers marching down Stephen Ave to Olympic Plaza where the opening ceremonies take place. This year’s parade featured over 2,000 marchers including an eight-foot-tall Wookie, a squad of Ghostbusters, the tiniest Batman ever, and a very accurate Barf (of Spaceballs fame).

But let’s get real—the costumes we were really into were from a very specific sci fi franchise: Doctor Who. And with Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi making a stop at the Expo that weekend, Who fans went all out with their costumes. Here are a few of our favourites:


This tribute to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor (plus a TARDIS on wheels).


An excellent interpretation of our favourite Who monster, the Angels.


The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors with companion Amy Pond and a saucy police box.


A throwback to Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and his epic scarf.


A perfect Peter Capaldi from ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’.


An adorable Dalek.


The Twelfth Doctor getting cozy with his nemesis, Missy.


You can’t tell on TV, but Tennant and Smith are actually way smaller than Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.


And the big finale: a TARDIS on parade.