Is A Standalone Batfleck Trilogy In The Works?



Batman fans have not always been generous in their assessment of Ben Affleck. But according to new reports from Den of Geek, that may be about to change. Over the weekend, a private screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was held for members of the film’s crew and some studio executives. While the film is still not completely finished, an anonymous source claims that it received a rapturous response, culminating in a standing ovation.


According to this source, Warner’s leadership was so impressed that they instantly extended a “golden deal” to Ben Affleck, inviting him to star in a new trilogy of standalone Batman films. The source also claims that Warner now sees Affleck as the “definitive Batman,” and they intend to build the DC movie universe around his performance, making him DC’s answer to Marvel’s Robert Downey Jr. If all goes according to plan, this should keep the actor busy for much of the next decade.

At this point, this is little more than a rumour, but it’s safe to say that Warner was probably hoping for several new Batman films, even before they saw Batman v Superman. Indirectly supporting Den of Geek’s claims, Deadline reports that the studio has postponed the release of two other Affleck films (The Accountant, Live by Night), suggesting that they have new plans for the actor in the months ahead.