The First Full Trailer For Beauty And The Beast Has Talking Teacups, Rioting Villagers, And That Iconic Yellow Dress

Quick: who’s the Disney villain you hated the most? Cruella De Vil? Scar? Sid Phillips from Toy Story? Or was it Gaston, the red-coated (hmm) ringleader of a gang of book-averse rioters in Belle’s poor provincial town? Well, this just in: Gaston is still a loathsome thug/formidable bad guy in the new trailer for Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and The Beast. The rest of the movie, however, looks like it has the potential to be pretty awesome.


The new clip reveals the first meeting between Emma Watson’s Belle and Dan Stevens’ Beast, along with glimpses at the angry-mob-inciting Gaston (Luke Evans), Belle’s rose-stealing father (Kevin Kline), and anthropomorphized furniture and flatware that populate the Beast’s castle (voiced by a cast that includes Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, and Ian McKellan).

Highlights from the trailer include: adorable talking teacup Chip, Emma Watson fighting a pack of wolves, epic Beast roars, and that classic yellow cartoon Belle dress, finally made real (it’s even better than version your mom sewed for you on that fateful Halloween in 1992).

Beauty and The Beast is out March 17, 2017. Be our guest and check out the trailer below.