5 Reasons Bayonetta Is A Great Addition To The Nintendo Switch


When Bayonetta hit consoles in 2009, it brought something fresh and wild to the hack-and-slash game genre. It wasn’t God of War or Devil May Cry, but its over-the-top nature made for many memorable moments of “Witch Weave” mania. The sequel added to the games off the wall appeal even though it had reduced audience.

Now to herald the coming of Bayonetta 3, Nintendo has made the previous games playable on the Nintendo switch and here are five reasons that make it a great addition to Nintendo’s latest system.


1. Style to space


Style is mainly what sets Bayonetta apart from other hack-and-slash games. From the jump, Bayonetta is an insane circus of angelic monstrosities with multi-dragon tentacles, bazookas that shoot off Bayonetta’s legs and hair that can transform into a dragon, giant bird or even a guillotine…handy. The vibe continues from the game’s visual aesthetic into its characters that are campy and cheeky enough to rival the action that’s happening on-screen.


2. A killer soundtrack

The music for Bayonetta is just as much a smorgasbord as the game itself. With notable composers like Hiroshi Yamaguchi, (Okami) Masami Ueda (Devil May Cry) Norihiko Hibino, (Metal Gear Solid) and Takahiro Izutani, (Metal Gear Solid) The result is a game soundtrack that keeps tempo with the action, while also being a irreverent and ethereal for its bizarre fantasy setting.


3. Modern hack ‘n’ slash on the go


Bayonetta is a great game to play at home but its just as good on the go. It lets you replay any stage that you’ve completed. This can be great for on-the-go gaming allowing you to replay stages while in you’re in transit or waiting for an appointment. This provides and untethered opportunity to search the game for hidden weapons and items.


4. Fun Easter eggs


Speaking hidden things, the release also flaunts Nintendo’s exclusivity by giving Bayonetta some cosplay nods to Nintendo gaming icons. Link from Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid and Princess Peach as well as Daisy from Super Mario fame are all costumes Bayonetta can play as within the game. The costume also affects her witch weave powers and the currency you receive after defeating enemies.


5. Bayonetta 2 and the future

As mentioned, the original Bayonetta 2 had a reduced total audience because it was only released on the Nintendo Wii U. Releasing it on the Nintendo switch makes it a great title for switch owners who didn’t get to play the sequel, while also getting the world ready for the highly anticipated third instalment. Welcome back, Bayonetta!