Watch The New Batman V Superman Sneak Peek That Dropped On Gotham

It might not be easy to choose a side in the fight between Batman and Superman… Unless of course you’re the citizens of Gotham, and then the choice is clear: neither, because they’re just gonna rain destruction down on your head either way.

Regardless of that, though, CTV’s young Bruce Wayne drama (which has been in the middle of incredible creative renaissance all season, though that’s neither here nor there) used its mid-season finale to debut a new sneak peek at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the upcoming blockbuster that hopes to launch an entire universe of DC Comics-based films.

Watch it here!

What’s most interesting about this, beyond the excitement of brand new footage from the film, is getting a chance to see the coordination between DC Comics/Warner Bros. TV and Film division. Though there’s been nothing but love in front of the scenes, fans have long speculated on the divide involving the so-far successful and creatively fruitful TV arm, which has launched everything from Flash and Arrow on CTV, to Supergirl on CBS, and many, many more.

Meanwhile, on film, DC has seen less success outside the Batman films. Man of Steel was a mildly qualified financial success, while others—Green Lantern comes to mind—haven’t been as well regarded, critically or at the box office.

With the launch of this sneak peek in Gotham, not only does the sophomore drama get the lift of a clip from an eagerly anticipated movie that’s still mostly shrouded in mystery, but the movie shows it can play nice with the behbeh Batman drama currently on air.

And one can imagine that even if we won’t see David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne on Gotham, grow into Ben Affleck, at least we’re going to be seeing a lot more advertising going back and forth. We’ll just have to stay tuned and see how it all plays out…

And for the record, we’re pulling for Batman, too.