Batman V Superman Gets A Pair Of TV Spots, A Poster, And A Hashtag

For those of you jonesing for even more Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice clips (honestly feels like I’ve seen roughly one-third of the movie at this point), Warner recently released two new TV spots, the first of which sees Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne lecturing his trusty butler, Alfred (played this time by the awesome Jeremy Irons), on the death and destruction Superman has brought to the denizens of Metropolis.

Check out the first clip below.

Now here’s the second one, which further promises Batman and Superman will be very pissed off at each other in this film.

On top of that, the official Batman V Superman twitter account shared a brand-new poster, which pits the titular superheroes against each other, Street Fighter style, and asks the million-dollar question: #WHOWILLWIN

Who do you think will win? I’ll be rooting for Wonder Woman.