Owning The Joker’s Car Is Easier Than You Think

Designing the Joker’s car may seem like a job for a seasoned movie veteran with decades of experience designing sets and props, but the reality is a little more down-to-earth. Approximating the car-buying steps a real Joker might take, the production team on Suicide Squad approached Matt McEntegart, a Florida-based indie car designer, who has mastered the art of creating eye-popping customizations on an affordable budget.

Known as “the Vaydor,” the Joker’s Suicide Squad vehicle brings together the body of a standard Infinity G-35 with a fiberglass kit that McEntegart sells for $16,000. All in, you can put together a Vaydor of your own for roughly $60,000. “It’s an affordable car you can build,” says Jimmy Corbitt, one of McEntegart’s colleagues at Vaydor Body Kits. “It looks like it’s a million dollars. What more could you ask for?”

When Tampa Bay’s Fox 13 News asked McEntegart to explain the thinking that went into the Vaydor design, he said he wanted originality—and attitude. “I’m a fan of the supercar look, so I wanted aggressive, angry, low to the ground,” he explains, adding that this is exactly what the creators of Suicide Squad were looking for. “They asked me, ‘You know it’s going to be the villain’s car, do you mind?’ I’m like, ‘No, I think that’s perfect.’”

To see McEntegart’s Vaydor-building team in action, watch Fox 13’s full report below.