Watch The Batman v Superman Trailer In All Its IMAX Glory

batman v superman

batman v superman

You’re gonna need a bigger monitor, because the IMAX trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is here. A couple weeks ago, we reporter on the three-and-a-half minute Comic-Con trailer, which essentially contains the same footage as this two-and-a-half-minute IMAX trailer, plus a little more content.

This latest look features a little less Lex Luthor (namely, the scene in which Lex converses with a U.S. Senator played by Holly Hunter) and a lot more resolution. If you’ve got the gear to experience the new IMAX trailer in all its superior A/V glory, click play below.

And in case you missed it (where do you live, Krypton?), here’s the slightly longer/slightly less sparkly Comic-Con trailer.

Supes and Bats and Lex and Wonder Woman and Aquaman and probably a few other people duke it out on IMAX 3D and non-IMAX 3D screens March 25, 2016.