‘Batman V Superman’ Gets Trailer, Two Posters Teasing The Epic Showdown


After what felt like years of nothing from “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” other than a tease only a few thousand of director Zack Snyder’s closest friends got to see at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con (including MTV News), the floodgates have officially opened on the superhero showdown.

After a trailer leak pushed the release of the official teaser several days early on April 17, Snyder has followed up with two killer posters, presumably ones that will be given/shown off on Monday (April 20) when the extended version of the movie’s teaser is shown to fans across the country in IMAX theaters.


First, there’s Henry Cavill as Superman, reprising his role from 2013’s “Man of Steel:”

And then there’s Ben Affleck as Batman, probably the most polarizing and anticipated part of this mashup:

Other than suggesting that Supes and Bats have way too much time on their hands defacing posters of each other in very, very artsy ways, these posters are also pleasantly reminiscent of one of the early “Jokerized” teaser posters for “The Dark Knight” — and given how fondly that Batman sequel is regarded, it’s probably a purposeful homage.


We’ll have more about the movie, including reactions and a rundown to the extended footage tomorrow night here on MTV News.