Batman V Superman Deleted Scene Promises A Monstrous Future

Now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been out for nearly a week, the focus has shifted from mixed reviews and box office records to the actual content of the film. Whether you enjoyed Zack Snyder’s epic superhero oddity or not, there’s a good chance you left the theatre with some confusion about that convoluted narrative. If you think a little extra footage might answer some questions, Warner Bros. is giving you a chance to test that theory with a minute-long deleted scene known as “Communion.”

Like many moments in the finished film, this scene is likely to play best with those who bring a great deal of prior knowledge to the table. For everyone else, this is just a fleeting look at a spooky creature—resembling some kind of Alien vs. Predator lovechild—that suggests more mayhem to come from Lex Luthor. (Of course, he already promised to wreak future havoc in the movie itself.)

Several conflicting theories have already emerged about this scene, but offers one of the more credible arguments: “Those three floating boxes are most likely Mother Boxes from DC Comics lore, just like the one that’s seen transforming Cyborg earlier in the film. Here Luthor seems to be communing with a transmission from Apokolips, the planet Darkseid is from. Most people who are comic book readers don’t think this is Darkseid himself, but rather a Snyder-ized version of Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s generals.”


Ultimately, the scene was cut, so Snyder and company have no obligation to explain, integrate, or build on this. However, Warner’s decision to release this scene just days after the film’s release suggests we’ll be hearing more from that big green beast. Watch “Communion” below—and draw your own conclusions.