Batman V Superman V Darkseid?

Hot on the tail of yesterday’s batch of clips, new poster, and siiiq hashtag, even more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice material has come to our attention, in the form of new photos from the film and set (which you’ll find in the latest issue of Empire, if you’re into the whole tactile thing). While the majority of these pics are nothing to lose your mind over, one image in particular is noteworthy.

The photo in question gives us a taste of yet another of the film’s myriad antagonists, Darkseid, whom many have already speculated would make an appearance. Ruler of planet Apokolips and one of the Justice League’s biggest rivals, clearly he’s destined for bigger, badder things in the forthcoming Justice League movie that’s due next year.

Check it out.


The sequence depicted in the photo above is allegedly from one of Bruce Wayne’s hallucinations, but the massive Omega sign carved in the dust is clearly the work of this guy.


After Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman finish scrapping, surely their pool their resources together to not only overcome Lex Junior and Doomsday, but maybe-probably Darkseid. Sounds crowded, but we’ll dial back on the criticism until we actually see the damn movie.

Here’s a look at some of the cooler new pics. Go here for even more. (And thanks for the heads,!)