The Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer Has Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, And Kryptonite



The 7,000+ people packed into Hall H on Saturday morning (July 11) at San Diego Comic-Con waited their butts off for a very good reason: because the annual Warner Bros. panel included our best look yet at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The first full-length trailer for the film featured the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) asking the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) “do you bleed?”—but the second look showed us more from the film than we’ve ever seen before.

“Today is a day for truth,” Holly Hunter’s character said, adding that we need to know what Superman stands for — because his power is “very dangerous.”

Next, we saw an angry Bruce Wayne hugging a terrified small child as a building (Wayne Tower!!!) collapsed in ruin — presumably, due to the actions of the Man of Steel. Bruce then picked up his suit due to his anger over losing his family — and over Superman ruining other peoples’ families, inadvertently — and Superman decided that his new mission was to take down the vigilante parading around Gotham.

We also got a great look at Lex Luthor — who has Kryptonite, Michael Freaking Shannon’s Zod showed up in a body bag, and of course, we saw a flashback scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ deaths. Gal Gadot showed up in her full costume, Lois and Superman kissed, and finally, we got a badass end shot of Batman emerging from a burning Batmobile and facing Superman straight in the face.

The crowd went wild with a standing ovation, and BRB, because I am dead.