Batgirl Is Super Fierce In The Latest LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

Batgirl isn’t taking any of Batman’s nonsense in this new TV spot for The LEGO Batman Movie. Along with some hilarious jabs at Batman—we should all call him Batboy from now on—we also find out that Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) has been made police commissioner, leaving us wondering where her father, Jim Gordon, is?

We also get more footage of LEGO Batgirl rockin’ her classic purple costume—a getup we first saw in 1966’s Batman—and the new suit looks pretty awesome on her. 

The second TV spot focuses on Batman’s (Will Arnett) core team, which includes Robin (Michael Cera), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson), and Alfred (Ralph Fiennes).

The star-studded cast also consists of  Zach Galifianakis as The Joker, Billy Dee Williams as Two Face, Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn, and Mariah Carey as Mayor McCaskill.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theatres February 10 2017.