There’s A Batcomputer In Your iPhone, Courtesy Of The LEGO Batman Movie

Forget the pink carnations and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates you may or may not have received yesterday, Apple got us something way better. They’ve hacked into The LEGO Batman Movie’s Batcomputer and put it right in our iPhones.

You might have picked up on Siri’s cameo in the latest Lego movie—Apple’s voice command assistant, the one that talks to you when you accidentally hold the home button down a tad too long, is at the helm of Batman’s super computer, too. And since artificial intelligence isn’t all that intelligent (yet), you can convince Siri that you’re a cape-wearing Lego minifig with one simple phrase.

Activate Siri and say “Hey, ‘puter.” She’ll reply as though you’re Batman. You don’t haaaaaave to talk to her in your gruffest Batvoice but it’s definitely more fun if you do. Keep repeating the phrase for different Bat-related responses.

Here are a few of the ones we got, but check it out for yourself.