Someone Rapped The Entire Back To The Future Plot

Back in 2006 or so, Futuristic Sex Robotz released their Hotel Coral Essex album, a project they deemed “nerd core” and it featured an entire track dedicated to the classic and beloved time travel trilogy.

A YouTuber loved the song so much they made a super cut of Back to the Future to match the song’s lyrics and, as Doc would say, Great Scott! The results have been generating mad love since 2007.

So with it being Back to the Future Day and all, it’s kind of a perfect time to play this joint.

Of course, other MCs have also rapped about the trilogy too. So, if you want more for your DeLorean playlist, here are just some examples of how the film series has inspired bars.

A$AP Rocky – “Back To The Future”

Action Bronson – “Back 2 The Future”

Eminem – “Sway Freestyle”

Pusha T – “Don’t F–k With Me”

Nas – “Land Of Promise”

Childish Gambino – “Both Hands”

Will Smith – “So Fresh”

Jadakiss – “Welcome To Da Roc”

Cam’Ron – “Dipsh-ts”