Avengers: Infinity War Took An Emotional Toll On Robert Downey, Jr.


Avengers: Infinity War ends with the most devastating disaster in superhero movie history, and it’s unlikely to be surpassed any time soon. In spite of all that carnage, Robert Downey, Jr. was relatively unfazed during the shoot, only to be emotionally overwhelmed when he saw the finished film. “It was crazy to shoot it, but it was just another day,” he revealed at a recent press conference. “Then we were at lunch and doing stuff because it’s a movie. But then I think seeing it—and I happened to see it with this amazing Scottish kid who couldn’t go to a theatre—so I saw it with him, and his reaction really effed me up.”

According to the actor, there’s a good chance Avengers: Endgame will inspire a similarly powerful response. “I think what a lot of us are looking forward to is, like Kevin [Feige] always says, it’s that surprise and delight experience with Endgame,” he said. “It’s one of those things where you go, ‘Wow, I think we just made a pretty serious choice.’ But I think audiences like that. I think audiences are so smart and now so… they require to not be fed the same drivel as even twenty minutes ago. We need novelty and I think what the Russos and Kevin have been able to do is provide that in spades.”

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theatres on April 26. Check out the trailer below.