Infinity War Directors Explain How They’ll Juggle 68 Characters

Seemingly on a quest to prove that you can never have too much success, Marvel keeps launching successful new characters and franchises, testing the limits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ultimately, the only way to keep these movies at feature length may be to put strict limits on franchise overlap. But for the time being, Marvel is experimenting with clutter and excess—just to see what happens.

In the case of Avengers: Infinity War, the studio is borrowing a page from the Harry Potter and Twilight playbook, spreading a single narrative over two movies. This is a clear sign that Marvel plans to tackle an abundance of story material in these movies, but fans have been left wondering whether they’ll be forced to settle for watered-down depictions of the characters. After all, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have promised that 68 Marvel regulars will appear in these movies.


So how do the Russo brothers plan to juggle all those characters? According to Joe, they don’t. “Look, we have to tell the story and the story has to be built around the emotional arcs of characters,” he told the audience at Wizard World Cleveland. “You can only have so many emotional arcs.” In other words, you can expect lots of characters, but only a select few will ride the full emotional rollercoaster. While Russo doesn’t specify who’s taking centre stage, he confirms that all of the Avengers will be back, joined by “some new Avengers and some ancillary characters.”

You have another six MCU movies to enjoy before the mysteries of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War – Part I are revealed. It all starts with Captain America: Civil War—and you can find the trailer below, just waiting to be re-watched.