Avengers: Endgame May Be The Lengthiest Marvel Movie Yet


If you thought Avengers: Infinity War was long, you haven’t seen anything yet.

According to a listing on the AMC Theaters websiteAvengers: Endgame is a purported three hours and two minutes long. Compared to Avengers: Infinity War’s two hours and 23 minutes, it’s a veritable epic. Avengers: Age of Ultron was two hours and 21 minutes, for comparison.

Marvel Studios films have been running pretty long for some time, though. Remember that Captain America: Civil War was also around two hours and 27 minutes. In the grand scheme of things, with that in mind, perhaps adding another hour to the run time isn’t that big of a deal—you want to spend as much time with the Avengers and their extensive cast of characters as possible, right?

The run time information has since been deleted from the AMC website, with neither Disney nor Marvel stepping up to confirm anything. Given that the information was since scrubbed after outlets and fans began picking up on it, there’s good reason to believe it could be true. This is poised to be an extremely impactful chapter of the MCU and there are a lot of story beats to get through, so it needs all the time it can get.

We’re all thirsty for more Avengers: Endgame right now, too. Especially since directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that there was, indeed, “fake footage” in the latest Endgame trailer. Yes, that new clip we were all so happy to see could have featured bits and pieces strategically edited to misdirect us and throw us off the trail. That means your new theories could prove totally incorrect. Sorry!

If this three-hour and change run time is real, you might want to start strategically planning your bathroom breaks now. That’s going to be a lengthy movie to sit through.

Avengers: Endgame is powering into theatres on April 26.