The Beast Titan Takes The Spotlight In New Attack On Titan Season 2 Trailer

We’ve waited almost three years for new Attack on Titan episodesand it looks like our patience is about to pay off in a big way.

The second trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 was released by Japanese publishing company Kodansha this weekend, only a few days ahead of the season’s April 1 premiere date. The video reminds us about the big twist that was revealed in the first trailer—the Titans that Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the other members of the Survey Corps have been trying to kill are actually protecting them from other, more dangerous Titans.

However, the new trailer also provides a big revelation of its own, namely that Titans have actually been hiding inside the walls that are supposed to protect humans from their wrath. The trailer also reveals that the Beast Titan (aka Eren’s older half-brother Zeke) can talk to humans, unlike the other Titans we’ve seen so far. The Beast Titan twist won’t be a surprise for readers of the Attack on Titan manga series, but might be shocking for those whose knowledge of Attack on Titan doesn’t extend beyond the television show.

The official synopsis for Attack on Titan Season 2 makes reference to the fact that Eren is a Titan shifter, meaning that he has the ability to transform from a human into a Titan and back again (though achieving that transformation is usually very difficult). Based on this synopsis, we’ll probably get to see Eren transform more often than we did in the first season—and it looks like it’ll be necessary, as the new trailer opens with a scene of a Titan picking up and attacking someone with an innocent horse. Not cool.

One thing that we know for sure is that Season 2 will feature the same amount, if not more, of Eren’s distressed screaming. Some things never change.

You can watch the new trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2, which premieres in both North America and Japan on April 1.