Charlize Theron Is A Badass Spy In NSFW Atomic Blonde Trailer

Oscar-winner Charlize Theron shows off her British spy skills in this electrifying new trailer for Atomic Blonde.

The action-thriller follows Lorraine Broughton (Theron), a top M16 spy who’s as deadly as they come. The trailer is full of intense fist fights, gun battles in a lavish hotel room, and a crazy Tarzan-inspired swing that ends up strangulating a bad guy.

See for yourself:

Theron’s character shows off her lethal skills—in between sipping Stolichnaya vodka, of course. She’s sent on the eve of the Berlin Wall collapse in Berlin, 1989 on a mission to target an espionage ring that killed an undercover agent and is suspected of smuggling double agents into the West.

In between takes of shooting henchmen and punching out the police, a love affair brews between Broughton and an operative played by Algerian actress Sofia Boutella.

Other stars of Atomic Blonde include John Goodman, who plays a U.S. spy who works with them, a buzzed-cut James McAvoy, Toby Jones, and Eddie Marsan.

The film is based on the graphic novel series The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Sam Hart.

Atomic Blonde hits theatres on July 28. One can only hope that director David Leitch will take full advantage and play “Atomic” by Blondie.