Atlantis Mid-Season Finale Recap: “The Grey Sisters”



Last episode, it seemed like Medea might switch teams. But in the final moments, she stabbed Ariadne then ran off. Now Jason is on a furious chase through the woods. He tries to catch Medea, but she hides behind a tree. Hercules comes along and reminds Jason that they need to get Ariadne back to Atlantis—she’s bleeding out! Reluctantly, they take off—and Medea, in her hiding place, looks like she might be remorseful.

Back at home, Hercules and Orpheus have dinner. Orpheus must soon be on his way—he has to attend Eurydice’s funeral. Hercules is sorry about Eurydice, but Orpheus explains that she isn’t actually lost. “Love only dies when you give up on it,” the old man says. And Hercules—whose true love is currently rotting in some cave with snakes coming out of her head—seems inspired.

Jason wakes up to discover that Ariadne’s wound has most definitely not stopped bleeding—the whole bed is red. The oracle inspects both the queen and the weapon, then makes her diagnosis: the blade was cursed. The oracle does not have the power to lift the spell—meaning Ariadne will likely die.

However, there is hope. The oracle explains that there is a group of seers called the Grey Sisters who may possess the necessarily skills. The sisters are dangerous—they could tell Jason things he doesn’t want to hear. Jason says he doesn’t care. If it means saving Ariadne, he’ll do anything.

As Pasiphae learns of Ariadne’s imminent death—she barely cracks a smile—Jason and his pals approach an ominous cave. These guys sure like hanging out in caves! In they go, where they walk by a whole row of shriveled heads on sticks. The sisters are there too, and they seem very excited to see Jason. Through giggles, they explain that they’ve been expecting him.

Jason wants to know how to cure Ariadne, but they won’t give him the intel unless he gives them something in return. Frustrated, he snatches their communal eye—they all “see” using one giant (and very gross) eyeball—and demands a cure. So they explain: Jason can help Ariadne with the blood of the enchanter, i.e. Medea. But he shouldn’t actually kill her. Jason’s fate is inextricably linked to Medea. If she dies, everything he strives for will be lost.

The boys head into the woods in search of Pasiphae’s lair. They locate her fortress, but decide to attack once night has arrived. Of course, they’re the ones who get attacked—not by Pasiphae, but by a horde of bloodthirsty birds. They manage to stave off the birds by hiding in a gulley. Since Hercules is bleeding from his wounds, he can’t leave. So Jason decides to pursue Medea alone. Pythagoras gives him a vial for her blood, and Hercules tells him not to do anything heroic. “And by heroic I mean stupid,” he says.

Jason creeps to the palace and finds Medea. He readies his sword—but can’t actually use it. “You feel it as I do,” she says, “we are both touched by the gods.” Jason falters. Rather than kill her, he knocks her out, cuts her, and fills Pythagoras’ vial with her blood. But before he can make an escape, he is apprehended by Pasiphae’s men.

Jason wakes up to find Pasiphae in his cell. She explains that they’re more similar than he thinks. Pasiphae may not be virtuous, but she, too, has principles she is prepared to die for. “You believe we are different yet we both wish to protect Atlantis,” Pasiphae says. Her concern: that Ariadne is too weak to protect the city. According to Pasiphae, if they truly wish to protect Atlantis, they must put their differences aside.

Pasiphae genuinely seems to want to find common ground. She says she has something to tell Jason—but she doesn’t think he’s ready. “I am not who you believe me to be,” she whispers. And at this, Jason loses it. “You are exactly who I believe you to be!” he screams, then grabs her neck and starts strangling her. Pasiphae’s men enter the cell and tear him away.

Pasiphae is shaken up. She was a fool to think Jason would ever love her! She cannot permit herself to have warm feelings again. She must kill him.

But Pythagoras and Hercules have other plans. Hercules’ wounds have stopped bleeding, and they’ve made it to Pasiphae’s lair. As she carries a poisoned drink to Jason’s cell, the friends creep through the halls. They free Jason from his cell just as Pasiphae approaches with her troops.

The guys fight off Pasiphae’s men and make a break through the woods. Pythagoras and Hercules are annoyed that Jason didn’t kill Medea, but they have no choice but to continue back to Atlantis, where Ariadne is near death. They get there just in time: Medea’s blood cures Ariadne moments before she was sure to die.

When the queen wakes up, she has a plan: to make Jason her king. Obviously, he says yes.

So that’s it for the first half of the second season of Atlantis! Next time: don’t expect Pasiphae to have any more fuzzy-wuzzy feelings for Jason. War is on.

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