Arrow Recap: On Level 2, There’s More Than One Demon To Face

Oliver Queen behaved very badly in prison for the sole purpose of getting himself sent down to Level 2, the place where the worst of the worst criminals are kept – including the elusive Demon. When he gets there, however, the only demons he’s made to face are his own. The prison’s chief psychiatrist makes sure of it, subjecting Oliver to round after round of evaluations, some drug induced, some electrically enhanced, all leading back to one thing: Oliver’s father, and the day he shot himself and his bodyguard to save Oliver’s life. Oliver’s survival came at a price though. His father left him with the burden of making up for all the misdeeds he committed (and as a rich white guy, you know those were numerous). Has Oliver burdened his own son with the same thing?

It looks as though we’re going to find out. William is back in a future version of Star City with Roy at his side. The coordinates in the arrowhead Felicity gave him when he was a boy have changed and now lead them to her old HQ. There, they find two things: Dinah in an Arrow costume (that was a serious change of heart) and a Rubik’s Cube with a map hidden inside. Star City has fallen and The Glades are in ascension, but run by gangsters who are basically holding the residents hostage. And while William has assumed that it’s been Felicity communicating with him this whole time, Dinah says that’s impossible. Felicity is dead.

Back in the present, Felicity is still alive and working with Laurel to break their secret prisoner, The Silencer. When that fails, Felicity tricks her enemy into thinking she’s escaped, when actually Felicity let her leave… with a tracking device planted on her that will lead them right to Diaz.

Together (and sometimes not so together) Dinah and Rene are tracking an arsonist trying to burn down The Glades so that they can buy up destroyed properties for cheap. The new Arrow (whoever it is) is also on the arsonist’s trail and provides the cops with some intel that allows them to catch the fire-starters. It also provides Dinah with a change of heart… maybe vigilantism is needed in Star City.


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