Arrow Recap: The Star City Slayer Wreaks Havoc On Everyone


The heroes of Arrow are still being plagued by threatening notes and covert photo shoots, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the perpetrator sees this correspondence as foreplay, building toward his real objective: murder. As the team focuses their efforts on tracking down this threatening presence (known as the “Star City Slayer”), Dinah grows concerned that she’ll be treated differently by her peers—now that they know her secret identity—but she receives heartfelt encouragement that she always thrives under pressure, particularly since being promoted to captain.

Oliver is less involved in these crime-fighting proceedings than usual, as he’s in the midst of some intense family turmoil. His son William was just expelled from school for fighting, and there seems to be a meltdown in communication between father and son. That doesn’t stop William from being brutally honest with his father, complaining that (a) he never asks his son for his perspective and (b) he went to prison, rather than help his family when they needed him most.


Throughout this week’s episode, both father and son spend serious time brooding about their relationship—prepare for some focused, moody time with a Rubik’s Cube—and Oliver intends to solve this problem. Right when he seems to be making progress, William’s grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Clayton) arrive on the scene, determined to take custody of this troubled young man. While Oliver emphatically resists their proposal, they make some reasonable points. You don’t need a child psychologist to confirm that kidnapping and mob ties are bad for kids.

Back in the working world, the team is still struggling to understand the Star City Slayer. Eventually, Curtis determines that all the victims are linked by the use of single rare drug—that he conclusively traces to an address. Upon arriving at this address, the team splits up, exploring the gloomy surrounding of “John Doe.” While they don’t appear to be in any major danger, Dinah suddenly crosses paths with their man and gets her throat cut in the process. Fortunately, Curtis happens to have a still-untested laser gadget that perfectly cauterizes her wound.


More worrisome, they find a vest that links the killer to Slabside Maximum Security Prison, revealing a direct link to Oliver. Moments later, Oliver, Felicity, and William are rudely interrupted during dinner—by a paralyzing gas and the killer everyone’s been looking for (aka Stanley Dover). Clearly unstable, Stanley calls Oliver his “best friend” one minute and threatens brutal violence the next. Fortunately, Oliver eventually spots a window of opportunity and takes down his adversary.

As another eventful episode of Arrow comes to a close, we learn that Curtis has decided to leave his job, William has decided to move in with his grandparents, and Felicity is pregnant—with a child we’ve been tracking as an adult, in the midst of a mysterious future confrontation. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess, but it’s clearly a time of transition in Star City.

Check out the full episode below: