Arrow Recap: Vigilantism Through The Lens Of Emerald Archer


Oliver is proving that he’s taking this whole transparency thing seriously is a major way: by letting a documentary film crew into his life as a way of showing the population of Star City what it’s really like to be a superhero vigilante. He even takes the team on a tour of his decimated headquarters and shares his plan to rebuild, making them bigger and better than they were in the good old days. Speaking of the good old days, this week’s episode featured a major reunion which saw the old Arrow squad reunite for a new mission. It’s basically the first time we’ve seen everyone in the same room together since the squad disbanded. That’s a pretty big deal.

An anti-vigilante, um… vigilante is on the loose, and the SCPD has been hamstrung by the mayor when it comes to catching them. Pollard refuses to believe the criminal even exists, but Oliver knows that they do all too well—because whoever it is has taken Emiko, our new Green Arrow, hostage. It’s an awkward situation that forces Queen to come clean about who Emiko is and how long (a month!) he’s known that she’s the one behind the bow.


Always game for a cool gimmick, Arrow manages to make the doc aspect of the episode super fun by constructing a narrative where the filmmaker has been working on her movie since 2012. That way they get to include interviews with tertiary characters from the Arrowverse like Legends’ Sara Lance as well as Rory Regan, Barry Allen, and Thea Queen. For longtime Arrow fans, this is very cool.

Less cool (for Oliver, anyway) is the return of his angry teenage son (who’s been expelled from boarding school, although Felicity wisely keeps that to herself). William is pissed over having been sent away, and he isn’t afraid to let Oliver know it. As if teenagers aren’t more than enough for parents to deal with, Oliver is also in a battle with Pollard following Team Arrow’s intervention in the vigilante kidnapping case. And yet, after what ends up being a completely pointless standoff with Star City’s political elite, Oliver and co. are forgiven and the city’s stance on vigilantism seems to reverse overnight.


Could it have something to do with the fact that the Black Canary (aka Dinah) once saved Pollard’s rear end using her sonic powers? We’d certainly hope so. In the end, the team saves Emiko, too, but she’s badly hurt and doesn’t want to talk about it. Unless it’s with Rene. Do we sense a love match here or is this new relationship strictly professional? We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Oh yes, and in terms of the future: that documentary we’re watching as it’s being made? It’s outlawed in Star City. Um, why? Mia and Connor use it to lead them to Arrow’s former HQ two decades later, but, says Mia, “Vigilantes were the death of Star City. And they got exactly what they deserved.” Uh oh.


Check out the full episode below: