Arrow Recap: Past Sins And Those Who Demand Payback


There’s no such thing as a day off in Star City. As Diggle and Lyla work to restart the Ghost Initiative, more of the city’s biggest enemies are pulled into the project—to have bombs planted in their noggins (think: China White, Kane Wolfman and Carrie Cutter along with Diaz, of course). Curtis is very much NOT down with brain bombs or the idea of letting these mega-villains loose on the general public once again. Pulling a genius bait-and-switch (not only on Diaz, but on us, the viewers), Mr. Terrific runs a VR simulator inside Diaz’s brain, making him think he’s escaping (into the arms of the international terrorist, Dante) and making us think that Diaz has finally managed to murder one of the core squad members (cruel joke, Arrow writers).

Believing that he’s come up with an alternative to the Ghost Initiative, Curtis is seriously crushed to find out that ARGUS plans to go forward with both projects now, despite the fact that his method led to valuable information about Dante without putting the public in danger. At least we got a good Suicide Squad joke out of the whole thing.


Both Oliver and Laurel are having tough days at work, too. A TV interview in which the host gushes about the sacrifice Oliver’s dad made to save him enrages the grown son of the bodyguard Daddy Queen also shot to save Oliver (a fact that Oliver doesn’t mention in the interview). This sets off a chain of kidnappings and hostage-takings that end with Oliver face to face with the son of the man his father murdered. The confrontation happens inside the SCPD building and the ultimatum is as follows: kill Oliver or every cop in the building gets electrocuted. Ugh, Mondays!

One well-aimed tackle and a grim apology interview later, Oliver has righted things with the public and saved the SCPD (with a major assist from Dinah). His admission that someone else died in order for him to live instils a least a tiny bit of trust in his newly discovered half-sister Emiko, who says she’ll think about talking to him. Maybe. One day. At least she’s not leaving him anonymous death threats like the ones Laurel has been getting (and now Dinah, too). If it isn’t that old drunk from Earth 2 that’s been sending them, then who has and what could they possibly have against law enforcement? Hmm.


Check out the full episode below: