Arrow Recap: My Name Is Emiko Queen, And I Am Coming For You


Welcome to Emiko’s world—it’s about kicking ass, crossing out names, and above all revenge and/or justice, depending on your point of view. Arrow returned this week with a closer look at the latest vigilante to pick up the bow: Emiko Queen, Oliver’s half-sister (on his father’s side, natch). A resident of the Glades, Emiko lost her mother when their tenement went up in flames a year ago. Only her mother didn’t die in the fire—she was already dead. A bullet that Emiko traced back to professional killer William Glenmorgan was found lodged her skull. Since then, Emiko’s been on a mission.

A semi-botched break-in leads a newly deputised Oliver Queen to discover that the new Green Arrow is his sister. Oliver is furious, seeing it as just another one of his father’s many failings. He does some digging and Felicity encourages him to reach out to her. The episode ends with the two siblings meeting face to face over Emiko’s mother’s grave. No idea how she’ll react to him intervening in her life. After all, it took her getting shot to let Rene (and eventually Curtis) in. The new trio are now deep into the vigilante game again following Emiko’s discovery that Glenmorgan was set up and her mother’s real killer is still out there.


Speaking of “out there,” someone else is about to regain his freedom: Diaz. ARGUS has agreed to let him go—though there are a few conditions. First, he has to help them find Dante. Second, he has to walk around with a tiny ARGUS-controlled bomb implanted in his skull. Slabside actually looks pretty good right now. The release is part of the reinstatement of an old ARGUS project called Ghost Initiative… and Lyla isn’t too happy with Diggle for overstepping his authority and bringing back a program she shut down.

The episode’s flash-forwards show Dinah and Rene’s daughter, Zoe, still scrambling to stop Felicity’s killer from blowing up all of Star City. Both Zoe and Dinah reach out to Rene—sorry, Mayor Ramirez—for help. His powerful Archer Program is what currently safeguards the the Glades, and it’s capable of tracking down the bomb locations in its sister city like it’s NBD. But Rene doesn’t want to help Star City… so Dinah forces his hand (read: kicks his butt). The Archer tech appears to work like a charm when Dinah and Zoe put it to use, but there’s a dark secret underlying the bomb threat… and it has strong ties to Mayor Ramirez who, it turns out, is shady AF. What happened to him?


Check out the full episode below: