Arrow Recap: Universes Collide In Elseworlds, Part 2


Like, whoa. If you weren’t properly caffeinated for last night’s episode of Arrow, you may have struggled to keep up. Elseworlds collided and then collided again as Batwoman (hi, Ruby Rose!), Supergirl, old school Flash, Oliver-as-new-school-Flash, and new-school-Flash-as-Oliver tried to retrieve a single book from Arkham Asylum and save the world. Although it was actually way more complicated than that. As RuPaul would say, how’s your head?

Of course things are never easy when we’re thrown into the Elseworlds. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been watching five different shows and there’s a surprise pop quiz that’s asking you to piece them all together. The upside is that there’s so much peril and so much at stake that no one really has time to focus on the whole space/time confusion. Why dwell on which Flash is from where (and when) while a maniac with a reality-altering book is on the loose in Gotham City (oh yeah, we went there, too).


What began as an effort to get both Green Arrow and Flash back into their own damn bodies and figure out what was up with all the red lightning in Star City ended (for now—see you at the next episode of Supergirl) with the arrival of Mar Novu who, after sort of commending the team for retrieving that incredibly dangerous tome from Arkham, handed it right back to the maniac who put Oliver in the Flash’s body, Dr. John Deegan. Exasperating much?

But the struggle wasn’t a complete waste of energy: Oliver and Felicity made up, Mar Novu imparted a particularly integral warning about the impending arrival of someone capable of destroying literally everything in every universe, and Oliver and Barry got their own bodies back. Though there was a slight hitch that came along with that one. When we left them, the two were dressed as bank robbers and Superman had them both in his sights. It…. didn’t look good. Deegan’s gone back to work on his magic book. And this time he’s not just playing around with reality—he’s dismantling it.


Check out the latest episode of Arrow below or watch it here.