Arrow Recap: A New Arrow Is Unmasked


Series Finale Tuesday 9/6p

Just a week out of prison and Oliver Queen is already back slinging the arrows of his superhero alter ego, Green Arrow. And can you blame him? Some crazy sh*t is going down in Star City and who else but Arrow can stop it? Or should we say Arrows? Where there was once one, there are now three: Oliver, the vigilante that took his place while he was in Slabside, and a third Arrow who for some reason is using his bow to take out some pretty big names.

Rene is convinced that the third Arrow is trying to frame the second for the murders he’s committing. When Oliver and Dinah find out that his hunch is correct, it leads Oliver to confront a big shot club owner about what he knew about the killings. Turns out he knew a lot… like, he ordered them. And when Ollie gets too close he orders a hit on him, too. But instead of a dead Queen, we get a house divided. When Felicity pulls out a gun to defend them from their attacker, Oliver gets a better understanding of who she’s been forced to become since he’s been in prison. She’s different now.


With the Arrow imposter behind bars, the only Arrow left to unmask is the one who took over during Oliver’s incarceration. Surprise! It’s Emiko Queen. We should have known—this is totally a family business. And speaking of family, our jump forward into the dark future of Star City shows William, Dinah, and Zoe tracking down a badass fighter called Dark Star—the last person to talk to future Felicity before her alleged death. She and Felicity had a plan for Star City… a dark one.

A look at what Diggle and Lyla are up to in the present day hints at why future Felicity may have gone so completely rogue. Their visit to Diaz doesn’t bode well for a continued friendship with Felicity or her sanity… not if they’re going to make a deal with him.


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