Arrow Recap: Queen And Diaz Finally Face Off In The Slabside Redemption


If Oliver Queen can make it through the next six hours, he’ll be a free man. That, however, is asking a lot considering the fact that Diaz is arriving on the very day that Oliver is scheduled for early release. It’s no surprise that Queen’s arch enemy has shown up at Slabside with some serious baggage. The man is willing to blow up the entire prison just to get to the former Green Arrow. Oliver, being the good guy that he is, can’t let that happen.

When Diaz shows up in the visitors area with a message to deliver (‘Dear Ollie, I regret to inform you that you’re not going to make it out of here alive’), Queen goes off the rails and breaks out of his cell to try to stop this proven maniac from killing everyone in Slabside. The guards won’t take him or the threat of Diaz seriously, so Oliver and an unlikely ally, Turner, team up to take care of things their way. Stanley (who is definitely a murderous psychopath pretending to be a wrongly accused weakling) only gets in their way a little bit. He gets in Brick’s way a lot.


Instead of following the entire Arrow crew, the episode takes place solely at Slabside, with Diaz and his new inmate army stringing up guards in the mess hall as bait for Queen—he just can’t resist coming to the rescue. Luckily, he has Turner on his side (who makes it clear that this doesn’t mean they’re friends now). Together, they manage to kick some serious ass. Who knew that a pillow case filled with soda cans could be such an effective weapon?

As the prison brawl reaches fever pitch, Diaz sets off an explosive that sparks an electrical fire throughout the jail. While everyone else runs for their lives, Oliver chases down Diaz and receives an epic beating as his reward. The thing with Diaz, though, is that he always pushes too far—you might be able to kick the Green Arrow’s ass, but don’t start talking s#*t about his wife and kid. And definitely don’t tear up their photo. A line is crossed and it’s Oliver who stabs last, leaving Diaz on the floor of his old cell. Is he dead? We kind of doubt it.

In the end, Queen walks out of Slabside a free man and into the arms of Felicity (who still loves him, even though he looks like hell). Will Stanley be waiting for him somewhere on the outside?


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