Arrow Recap: Could Due Process Finally Come To Star City?


Way ahead of the holiday schedule, Diaz has delivered his gifts to the city that rejected him. The first is a bloodied Anatoly, complete with the tracking device Laurel and Felicity planted on The Silencer… and a bomb. It narrowly fails to blow up Felicity, Dinah, and most of ARGUS. Once again, Felicity has interfered in one of Diggle’s top secret operations, but he decides to keep her on the team anyway. Laurel, however, is shown the door. Not the smartest move when she’s the one leading the charge to get Oliver out of jail.

Compared to Anatoly, Laurel gets an easy ride this episode (despite her near meltdown after a judge rejects her request to have Oliver released). Felicity threatens Anatoly with a warrant that would mark him as a (even more) wanted man if he doesn’t agree to a sting operation. It ends up nearly killing him when Felicity hesitates to pull him out after it becomes beyond clear that his life is in danger. What’s happening to her? Who has she become now that she’s willing to risk everything and everyone to get Diaz?


In the end, the intel Anatoly retrieves gets them to Diaz—and foils his plan to gaslight (literally) the entire city. With the help of the new Green Arrow, Dinah takes Diaz into custody where Felicity nearly shoots him… until Laurel lets her know that the Feds are willing to trade Diaz for Oliver’s freedom. Sounds like Felicity earned some good karma by helping Anatoly leave the country with a new fake passport.

In Slabside, Oliver breaks a serious sweat trying to get his little buddy out of the hole. Stanley stands accused of killing a guard but swears to Oliver that he didn’t do it. The truth, however, comes to light after Oliver frames one of Brick’s henchmen for the crime. What’s up with the little guy—is Stanley actually a criminal mastermind? Or a total psychopath?


During the episode’s fleeting forays into the future, we find out that Felicity, working under the name the Calculator, died only a few weeks before William arrived back in Star City. In her hideout, he discovers that the last call she made was to someone called Black Star. Weird. Even weirder? The fact that Roy and Dinah are keeping the contents of the message he found inside the bow on Lian Yu a secret. What does the mark of four mean?


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