Arrow Recap: The Demon Is Revealed, And Her Face Is A Familiar One


Finally, some good news for Oliver and his crew on the outside. Just as things are looking their darkest (Oliver being experimented on in Level 2, Felicity being denied her visiting rights), Team Arrow gets a bit of a boost thanks to the crooked Dr. Parker and his inhumane (and off the books) experiments on the prisoners of Level 2. There’s a room down there, and prisoners go into it alive and come out as corpses. As part of his deal with the Demon (who, it turns out, Oliver knows quite well—it’s Talia al Ghul, Oliver’s old martial arts teacher), Oliver gets into that fateful room and the evidence makes its way out.

Talia wants Oliver’s help in breaking out of Slabside. She knows she can’t fight her way through the phalanx of guards alone, but with Queen at her side, she’s betting they’ll be able to make a dent. Oliver agrees, but only if they find out what Parker is up to. With the evidence of the doctor’s warped experiments in her hands, Oliver sends Talia on her way—staying behind so that he won’t be faced with a future in which he’s a fugitive forever.


Talia keeps her word to Oliver and delivers the evidence anonymously to Felicity who uses it to expose Slabside for their illegal operation. Level 2 is shut down, Oliver returns to his former cell on Level 1, and Dr. Parker is sacked… and quickly disposed of by Talia. Despite Oliver’s strong hunch that the Demon would be able to lead him to Diaz, Talia says she no longer has any connection to him. Felicity, however, has a hot lead. The tracker she hid on The Silencer is finally traceable and it’s indicating that she (and Diaz) are in Moscow. Why? To kill Anatoly, naturally.

Curtis and Diggle have their own undercover operation running at ARGUS. Using the bank data Lyla obtained, they follow the lead to a certain Mr. Byrd and attempt to trap him in a chemical weapons deal setup. It’s a close call for Curtis, who isn’t keen on doing any more field work. In his eyes, Mr. Terrific isn’t a thing anymore. And yet, the Byrd bust may have turned up a valuable clue: a huge file displaying the 19th-century painting, ‘Dante He Hath Seen Hell.’ But what does it mean?


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