Arrow Recap: Everybody’s Crossing Lines


The good news: whatever Diaz stole from the Centre for Disease Control isn’t some kind of viral plague he’s planning to unleash on humanity. The bad news: whatever stolen compound he’s injecting may be giving him super strength. The guy already seems unkillable, so this should make things… interesting.

When Felicity approaches FBI agent Watson with information about Diaz’s plan to break into the CDC, she’s initially turned down, but a little intel goes a long way. Watson agrees to work with her—just this once—in a sting operation where, ideally, Diaz and the Longbow Hunters will wind up locked inside a CDC lab, making their arrest easy as pie. Felicity will use her hacker skills to lock the door remotely while the FBI gets to take the credit for the arrest. Obviously, it all goes wrong. Diaz has the Longbow Hunter known as The Silencer controlling the doors manually, leaving Felicity helpless.


Diaz and his sidekicks escape with the compound, leaving Watson to face the music for running a sting operation against her boss’ orders. But the good guys didn’t come away from the mess completely empty handed. Rene managed to grab The Silencer, and he and Felicity are secretly holding her captive in a dank basement. Looks like vigilantism is alive and well in Star City.

Too bad we can’t say the same for Oliver. He’s alive, but we wouldn’t say that he’s well. After getting rid of the guard that was spoiling all of Brick’s behind bars fun, Oliver goes looking to collect the information he’s owed. Brick promises to set up a meeting between Queen and someone called The Demon… but it turns out to be a trap, because: prison. Oliver is forced into a makeshift cage match against Brick’s best fighter, but even with a self-inflicted shiv wound he manages to come out on top—which is when he realizes that the only way he’ll get his face to face with The Demon is to go straight to the bottom. Only the worst prisoners are kept where The Demon is locked up, so to get there Oliver will have to become one of them. Shivving a couple of guards does the job. The next morning, he’s hauled out of his cell and down to his new home on Level 2.


Meanwhile, in Zurich, Curtis is hacking into a Swiss bank as Lyla and Diggle pose as potential clients with a painting rigged to download the bank director’s computer files. But for some reason, Lyla makes a copy and hands it over to some shady underworld dude. Between mouthfuls of Swiss chocolate, Curtis figures out what she’s done and Diggle confronts her. She’s been following a lead of her own, outside of ARGUS’s purview. So where does it lead?


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