Arrow Recap: The Longbow Hunters Team Up With Diaz In A Mission To Destroy Star City

Diaz isn’t giving Team Arrow a moment’s rest. After the havoc he wreaked in last week’s episode he’s back at it once again, sending the Longbow Hunters to steal a high-powered battery capable of detonating a superweapon—the kind that could flatten an entire city. ARGUS is, of course, on the case, but that doesn’t stop Felicity from meddling. Not that we can blame her—William has been spirited away to a boarding school where Diaz can’t touch him and Oliver is still in prison (and not looking too great thanks to a recent shower fight).

Felicity pulls both Rene and Curtis into her scheme to track down the Longbow Hunters by following a lead that shows a huge energy spike somewhere in Star City. But her interference makes a mess of ARGUS’ own operation (Diggle said he was on it, jeez). With their lead blown, it’s back to the drawing board—but this time Diggle agrees to let Felicity help, so long as it’s on his terms. She has to play by the rules and respect the chain of command.


Turns out she’s not so great at that. After a harrowing fight aboard the train carrying the superweapon, Diggle has Diaz and the Longbow Hunters cornered on the train’s last car, safely away from the weapon. All he needs Felicity to do is remotely uncouple the train cars to keep the weapon safe. But that means that Diaz slips through their grasp yet again. It’s not a trade-off that Felicity can accept, and Curtis has to step in to keep the city safe. Felicity makes her peace with Diggle, but leaves ARGUS to go in search of someone whose focus matches her own: Samantha Watson.

In prison, Oliver isn’t exactly making friends, but an old enemy has offered him information in exchange for getting rid of a certain guard. Since blackmail isn’t an option and his warnings don’t work, Oliver has to come up with another way (that doesn’t involve killing the guy—even if he kind of deserves it). Instead of shivving the guard, he makes it look like the guard shivved him. Smart? Sure, but only as smart as stabbing yourself with a rusty old shiv can be.


And in our new future timeline, William continues to follow Roy around the island like a lost puppy (which he kind of is). Finally, Roy tells him about the arrowhead and where the coordinates inside lead to: a gravesite containing the Green Arrow’s full kit and a note—which Roy promptly lights on fire. “We’re going back to Star City,” he declares. Well, okay. Kinda sheds some light on who the new Green Arrow might be.


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