Arrow Recap: The Season 7 Premiere Introduces Inmate 4587—And A Huge Twist


Oliver Queen is not himself these days. In his new SuperMax prison home he’s just Inmate 4587, who goes along to get along (where ‘getting along’ is ‘staying alive for one more day’). The prison in which the former Green Arrow finds himself is full of bad dudes he helped put there. His new life (lunch alone, monotonous routine) is basically Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day… but with shivs and handstand pushups. Meanwhile, out in the free world, someone with a kill list and serious bow skills is impersonating the Green Arrow.

Oliver’s old team is divided over Star City’s newest vigilante. Dinah, now chief of police, wants to arrest him. Rene wants to break out his old goalie mask and join him (or at least cheer him on and then act like Robin Hood once he’s left the scene—sweet, but not exactly smart). And as ARGUS’ latest recruits, Diggle and Curtis are caught in the middle.


There’s been no sign of Diaz for five months, but that’s not putting Oliver at ease—and he’s right to be on edge. It was just a matter of time before Diaz resurfaced, finding Felicity and William in their witness protection program hiding spot (Felicity’s contacts and pink balayage weren’t exactly deep cover) and attacking. It looks like it’s all over, but ARGUS shows up in time to save her. The close call inspires a change, though: it felt good to fight back and she’s not into hiding anymore. William is sent to a faraway boarding school where he’ll be safe, but she’s going back into battle until Diaz is behind bars (dead would be okay, too).

Diaz’s attack, perfectly timed with his goons’ prison shower raid, also inspires a change in Oliver: no more Mr. Prison Pacifist. After doing his best to act only out of self-defense and to stay out of trouble, he takes his copy of The Count Of Monte Cristo out for some fresh air and an epic ass-kicking, flattening a handful of Diaz’s lackey thugs in the prison courtyard weight room. His little wannabe pal will be so proud.


The episode is intercut with flashes back to Lian Yu, the island where Oliver spent five years of his life… although flashes “back” isn’t quite accurate. At the end of the episode, we discover that these are actually flashes forward—to Oliver’s son William, now grown and in search of something on Lian Yu. What and who he finds is another surprise twist: it’s Roy Harper.


Check out the Arrow Season 7 premiere below (for free!), or watch it here.