Mark Your Calendars For Alien Day

While a case could be made that we’re in the middle of an Alien resurgence, nearly four years have passed since the release of the last film in the series (Prometheus). Ridley Scott will continue the franchise with next year’s Alien: Covenant, which should be followed by a Neill Blomkamp Alien movie some time in 2018 or 2019, but what about right now? If you’re craving some new material, you’re about to get very lucky. Twentieth Century Fox has all kinds of very special treats in the works for April 26, which the studio is dubbing Alien Day.

Not unlike last year’s Back to the Future Day, this occasion stems from a calendar-friendly movie reference. “We noticed that fans of the Alien films were starting to rally around the calendar date of April 26—given the connection to the planet LV-426,” said Jeffrey Godsik, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “Quite simply, it gave us the idea to do something special on this day; to officially mark the occasion alongside fans and to build excitement online, in stores and once again, in theaters.”


As it turns out, “something special” includes more than you might expect. In addition to screenings of the movies and something known as Alien: Ultimate Trivia Challenge—you can register for this Twitter activity at—Fox is offering all kinds of new products. This includes shoes inspired by the movies, action figures from Kenner, NECA, and Funko, exclusive Dark Horse Comics covers, a deluxe 30th anniversary hardcover version of the original Aliens comic series from 1986, a new novel (Tim Lebbon’s Alien: Invasion) from Titan Books, and a new audio drama (Alien: Out of the Shadows) featuring Rutger Hauer.

We suggest you start saving now—and here’s one cheap way to get in the mood: watch the trailers for Alien and Aliens below.