Sci-Fi Short Starring Anton Yelchin Will Be Turned Into A Feature

Although Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin sadly passed away last year at the age of 27, it looks like his spirit will live on the in the form of a full-length adaptation of Rise, a 2016 short film in which he starred.

In Rise, Yelchin plays Basil, a robot or “sentient” who is interrogated by Colonel Briggs (The Man in the High Castle’s Rufus Sewell) about what seems to be his role in the sentient uprising against the human race. Set in Detroit in the year 2043, Rise explores what a near future in which robot and man are engaged in war could plausibly look like.

Rise was reviewed positively when it was first released, and it’s easy to see why—Yelchin plays Basil with equal parts mechanical movement and raw, human-like emotion, to the point where you’re actually kind of rooting for the robots to prevail by the end of the film.

David Karkak, who directed the short, is reportedly returning to direct the feature film, with Brian Oliver (Hacksaw Ridge, Black Swan) and Johnny Lin (Bernie) coming on to produce. But before Oliver and Lin took over, Warner Bros. owned the rights to the film, as plans to release Rise as a short film and eventually turn it into a feature have apparently been in the works at Warner Bros. since 2012 (which makes sense, considering that the entire last minute of the film is edited more like a trailer than an actual movie).

Because Yelchin unfortunately won’t be returning to the film, Rise’s starring role is now up for grabs. Both Oliver and Lin have a good amount of producing experience under their belt and have worked with high profile actors in the past (Tom Cruise, Andrew Garfield, Natalie Portman), so it’s possible that the role of Basil could be in high demand once the movie officially begins production.

Until then, you can watch Rise in its entirety below: