Anne Hathaway Wreaks Havoc As A City-Stomping Monster In The New Colossal Trailer

Colossal has been described as “Godzilla meets Lost in Translation,” and the full theatrical trailer is proving that the lofty comparisons are well deserved.

In this quirky, genre-bending take on the kaiju narrative, Anne Hathaway stars as a New York writer who loses her job and moves back to her hometown and now spends her nights getting blackout drunk and her days sleeping away the hangover. At the same time, a giant kaiju is wreaking havoc across the world in Seoul. These two separate events come together when Hathaway realizes she’s somehow controlling the monster and every wrong move she makes has destructive consequences.

While the teaser-trailer left us with far more questions than answers, the full theatrical trailer spills more about the plot and the other characters in the film, particularly Hathaway’s potential love-interest, played by the hilarious Jason Sudeikis.

Watch the full trailer below and check out our review of the monster flick, which premiered at last year’s TIFF here.

Colossal smashes into theatres April 7 2017. Here’s the cheeky poster for the monster flick below.