21 Surefire Signs You’re Actually Living An Animal Crossing Life

The original Animal Crossing video game was released in Japan 15 years ago, which means Tom Nook’s been stealing our bells for a decade and a half. Since then, three more games and two spin-offs have joined the franchise. Let’s face it: The game is entertaining to play and insanely addicting.

Celebs such as Mark Hoppus, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and even Chrissy Teigen have played Animal Crossing at some point. In honour of the 15th anniversary, let’s go back and remember why living in the town you created was always a thousand times more appealing than living in the real world.

1. Moles Yell At You And Freak TF Out On A Regular Basis


2. You Can Alter Time On A Whim

3. And You Can Exist Without Even Existing

4. The Only Mode Of Transportation You Use Is The Train

5. And You Always Have To Deal With Irritating Passengers

6. You Can Never Stand Still, Like, Ever

7. Your Neighbours Are Real, Ahem, Party Animals

8. And Your Boss Is Douchey And Shady AF

9. You Make A Living By Digging Up Money You Randomly Find In The Ground

10. Cops Stand Around And Do Absolutely Nothing

11. Snail Mail Is The Preferred Form Of Long-Distance Communication

12. The Town Dump Actually Has Some Great Stuff In Miraculously Pristine Condition

13. You Sneak Out At Night To Listen To A Dog Play A Guitar And Drop Major Truth Bombs

14. When You Make A Snowman, He Actually Comes To Life And It’s Nbd


15. There Is No Santa Claus, But There Is A Reindeer Who Brings Gifts

16. You’re Friends With A Ghost And He’s Pretty Chill

17. You Know The Names Of Every Fish And Bug Without Having To Even Look Them Up First

18. The Fountain Is Wiser Than The Rest Of The Town. Also, It Talks To You

19. You Carry An Ax With You At All Times, Just Because

20. Your Pockets Are Apparently So Big, You Can Fit An Entire TV In Them

21. And Sometimes, You Lose Your Eyeballs