Andy Serkis Says We Probably Haven’t Seen The Last Of Snoke

star wars

For The Last Jedi’s detractors, one of the film’s major problems is its treatment of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), a mythical villain who—brace yourself for spoilers—is very casually killed off in Episode VIII.

Of course, the flexible new Star Wars timeline allows dead characters to return in prequel form, so Snoke might still have a future. “I would love to think that there is room for him to come back,” Serkis told Entertainment Weekly. “I think anything’s possible in a Star Wars movie. I’d be all up for it. I think there’s a lot more to be had from the character for sure.”

According to Serkis, his character’s backstory has been carefully developed—and withheld.  “We wanted him to have a great deal of mystery,” he said. “J.J. [Abrams] and I discussed it, and Rian [Johnson] and I did discuss backstories… where he came from. I’ve been asked to not shed anything, should we want to bring him back in any way, whether [in a] prequel or whatever. I think there’s something cool about that. It still does remain a mystery for people. I know that some people find it incredibly frustrating, but I think it allows for further exploration and layering at a further point.”

The Last Jedi come to Digital on March 13 and Blu-ray on March 27. You can read our review of the movie here.