An Honest Look at the First Hulk Movie

Scientist, Bruce Banner's (Eric Bana) alter ego, The Hulk, is unleashed on the streets of San Francisco in Universal Studios movie "The Hulk." Photo ILM. THIS IMAGE IS FOR THE SUNDAY CALENDAR SNEAKS COVER FOR 5/5/03.

In the 12 years since the release of Ang Lee’s Hulk, the superhero genre has come a long way. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Hulk’s reputation.

In spite of the instant wave of disappointment that greeted the film’s release, Hulk managed to earn some positive reviews and a respectable $245 million at the worldwide box office. Still, fanboys hoping for something in the tradition of crowd-pleasing blockbusters like Superman, Batman, or the previous summer’s Spider-Man were left deeply frustrated. They’ve been sitting on their fury for over a decade, but it has now been unleashed in the latest entry from the Honest Trailers series.


In the past, Screen Junkies has directed most of their ire at recent movies, including some (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises) with devoted followings. The same cannot be said for Hulk, which may explain why their assessment is so mercilessly harsh.

Referring to Eric Bana’s Bruce Banner as “a monotone unlikable scientist,” they argue that this is “one of the dullest superhero movies ever made,” featuring “the hero 2003 CGI clearly wasn’t ready for.” They also correctly describe the title character as “one part PlayStation cutscene, one part frat guy, and two parts Shrek.”