New ‘American Horror Story’ Promo Hints That Season 6 Is Nothing But A ‘Perfect Illusion’

American Horror Story just dropped a new teaser for Season 6, and this one is making us question everything. Featuring Lady Gaga’s newly released single, “Perfect Illusion,” the pop star—and AHS alum—sings, “It was a perfect illusion,” as all the season’s horrifying and rather confusing promos are stitched together to create the most frustrating 30-second edit in existence.

Obviously, this is symbolic of co-creator Ryan Murphy’s plan to keep us guessing this season. FX has released dozens of short teasers, all varying in tone and style. The real theme of Season 6 won’t be revealed until the season premiere on September 14.

Basically, everything we thought we knew about the sixth season of American Horror Story has all been a lie. Or a perfect illusion. Or shameless promo for LG5.