Amber Heard Sees Mera As ‘The Driving Force’ Of Aquaman


Given her negative perception of superhero movies, Amber Heard was surprised when she was approached to play Mera in Aquaman. “I kind of thought maybe they called the wrong actress,” she said of the offer in a recent junket interview. “I was like, ‘Are you sure?” However, Heard is the first to admit that she’s “totally unfamiliar with this world and comic books, the whole superhero thing”—and once she took the time to educate herself, she recognized great potential, particularly in this character.

“When I opened the comic book and met her—where she lives—I realized why,” she explained, referring to the reason she was hired. “It’s a strong, badass, kickass, fierce warrior superhero in her own right. You know? She is the driving force in the script… I mean, of the story. She’s the driving force of really making Aquaman Aquaman. She turns Arthur into Aquaman, and she figures everything out. She knows what is right, and she knows what is wrong, and she has willpower to execute it—and I love that about her.”

Aquaman arrives in theatres on December 21. Check out the trailer below.