All We Want For Christmas Are a Bunch of amiibo



Last month, Nintendo unleashed their first wave of amiibo toys, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes (do hotcakes actually sell well, and what are hotcakes even?).

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re obviously hoping to receive a few more of these little devils from good old Saint Nick.

If you’re still on fence about joining in on the figurine fun, here are five reasons why ya should!

They’re adorable and awesome


Mario, Link, Samus, and Pikachu are but a handful of Nintendo’s first wave of amiibo toys that not only work in tandem with your gaming system, but also look purty on a shelf. In terms of aesthetics, think of amiibo as super-duper premium Happy Meal toys. You know those retro ones you grew up with and regrettably threw out. Like all things Nintendo, 10 or even 20 years down the road, these little guys will bring back fond memories from your gaming past.

Some might not stick around forever


According to reports, some of these fellas may or may not be around for too long. Nintendo claims certain sold-out amiibo (i.e. Villager, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer) may return at a later stage, but prices have nevertheless risen on eBay. We’re not exactly talking legless Peach or double-cannon-fist Samus pricey, but all the same, better safe than sorry when it comes to snagging your faves.

But there’s more on the way


A dozen amiibo have already hit shelves, but 17 more are in the pipeline—and they’re even more enticing than what’s currently available. The slate includes Diddy Kong, Zelda, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Pit, Little Mac, Bowser, Toon Link, Shiek, Sonic, Mega Man, King Dedede, Ike, Rosalina, Shulk, Lucario, and Meta Knight. After that, who knows? I’d love to see some Earthbound in the mix.

They’ll enhance your gaming


Support is already underway for three Wii U titles: Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors. In the case of Smash Bros., your amiibo can fight as a sidekick, level up to boost its stats, or fight against other amiibo. For Mario Kart, you earn a special racing suit based on your respective amiibo, or can dress up your Mii as your favourite Nintendo mascot. As for Hyrule Warriors , tapping the Link or Toon Link to your GamePad will grant you a new weapon to wield (Twilight Princess’s Spinner), while Zelda, Sheik, and other amiibo will hook you up with other weapons, rupees, and crafting materials. Finally, it’s been said that amiibo will soon be compatible with the very nifty Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Also: They’re currently compatible with the New 3DS, which has yet to be released in North America. What’s the hold up?

Get creative with ’em


This isn’t exactly part of Nintendo’s marketing campaign, but these fan-made paint jobs are pretty dang cool nonetheless. Want to turn your innocent Animal Crossing Villager into an axe murderer? Here’s how! All of these are dope, but our vote goes to Dark Link, who looks like a legit badass.

Just stuff these in your Christmas stocking already!