8 Things We Learned From ‘The Inspiration And Design of Aliens’

If you already own 2010’s comprehensive six-disc Alien Anthology box set, buying another Aliens Blu-ray probably sounds futile and far-fetched. But in honour of the film’s 30th anniversary, Fox has released yet another special edition, one complete with all the old and excellent extras, including two cuts of the film, deleted and extended scenes, assorted image galleries, an audio commentary, the three-hour Superior Firepower: Making Aliens, and an additional hour of outtakes from that documentary. However, there are two viable reasons to consider buying the latest release: a new featurette and elaborate new packaging that includes some striking art inserts.


No matter how you feel about bonus art, The Inspiration and Design of Aliens is the real attraction. This extra is not on the disc itself, but you should be able to stream it online using a code found inside the case. Built around a 30-minute interview with director James Cameron, this featurette offers all kinds of revealing details about the making of Aliens. Here are eight fresh things we learned along the way:


1. Cameron saw Alien on opening night in Orange County.



2. Cameron took inspiration from Alien on his first paying gig: Battle Beyond the Stars.



3. When Arnold Schwarzenegger had to delay the shoot of The Terminator for six months, Cameron used that time to simultaneously write Aliens and Rambo: First Blood Part II.



4. In his pitch to the studio, Cameron said Alien is a haunted house, whereas Aliens is a rollercoaster.



5. The alien pods in Aliens were inspired by the biology of termites.



6. Cameron attached himself to the rig the aliens dangle from in the film—and he hated every second of it.



7. Cameron believes the military gear in Aliens inspired the real American military to change their look.



8. In most shots of Ripley carrying Newt, she was actually carrying a foam dummy.



The 30 Anniversary Edition of Aliens is available now on Blu-ray. For a quick reminder of why you love this 1986 sci-fi classic, watch the trailer below.