Don’t Worry, Ridley Scott Still Loves The Xenomorph


Desperately looking for reasons the general public didn’t fully embrace Prometheus or Alien: Covenant, director Ridley Scott recently suggested that it might have something to do with Xenomorph fatigue.

Of course, most fans would vehemently disagree, citing needlessly complicated plots and off-putting characters as the real problem. In spite of rumblings that Scott might want to retire the Xenomorph, he recently acknowledged that the success of the franchise—particularly the 1979 original—wouldn’t have been possible without this creature.

39 years later, he still recalls the discovery that resulted in the design we know, love, and fear. “I came across a guy called H.R. Giger and, if I hadn’t got that monster, you would not have had that movie,” he told Yahoo! “I saw the drawing—the drawing was drawn for the book, not the film—and I was so kind of taken, I flew to Switzerland where he lived because he didn’t want to get the plane as he was scared of flying.”

Alien is still praised for the strength of its cast, and Scott sees the Xenomorph as an essential member of the ensemble. “It wouldn’t have been the same movie,” he said. “The cast was wonderful, with Sigourney [Weaver] and Harry [Dean Stanton] and those people, but without that eighth passenger, it wouldn’t have been the same film.”

Scott’s untitled Alien: Covenant sequel is tentatively scheduled for 2019. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the 1979 original below.