Xenomorphs Show No Mercy In First Alien: Covenant Trailer

By the time most franchises have been around 37 years, there tends to be a significant dip in fan enthusiasm, if not curiosity. The Force Awakens managed to turn this trend around for Star Wars, but what about the Alien series? 1986’s Aliens set the bar impossibly high for future sequels, but the franchise drifted severely off-track for decades, delivering a pair of forgettable sequels (Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection) and spinoffs (Alien vs. Predator, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem), only to make a partial return to form with 2012’s Prometheus. In light of this and the general sense that the next installment will be a more emphatic return to the spirit of the original, Alien: Covenant is generating anticipation not seen in this franchise since the ’90s.

This begs one important question: can this movie deliver on those expectations? Judging from the new trailer that invaded Earth on Christmas Eve, the answer is quite possibly yes.

Based on the trailer—which offers a few vague hints about the plot and the promise of endless alien attacks—here are seven reasons your Alien obsession will be alive and well this May.


1. Backbursters



2. Pod problems



3. Ear invaders



4. Facehugging



5. A shower scene



6. …with a very special guest



7. …turns bloody



Alien: Covenant arrives in theatres on May 19.