Xenomorphs Are Ready For Their Close-Up In New Alien: Covenant Trailer

Back in December, Fox unleashed the first teaser for Alien: Covenant, giving us a pretty good sense of what to expect, but the new trailer goes even further. While you’ll notice some clear overlap, you’ll also get a better sense of the calm before the storm. It turns out the crew on this mission is comprised entirely of couples, participating in “the first ever large-scale colonization mission” on a planet that looks a lot like Earth. Fortunately for us, their happy science vibes soon turn gruesomely violent.

If you want to avoid spoilers, be careful not to look too closely, but even a cursory glance will give you the sense that Katherine Waterston’s Daniels and Danny McBride’s Tennessee are the central duo.

Beyond that, we can only confirm that:

Daniels has attitude

Faces are hugged

Windshields are headbutted

An unwanted passenger boards the ship

Daniels hangs ten

Alien: Covenant’s crazed Xenomorph rampage officially begins on May 19.