Alien: Covenant Introduces Fresh Fassbender Android Walter In New Promo

We love a slick new trailer for a hugely anticipated release (the fever’s pitched even higher for sequels and reboots), but when a movie like Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant goes above and beyond, releasing teasers in the form of a futuristic bot brochure and an ultra-short clip that hints at the origins of a mysterious new character before making us wait a full 24 hours for an even bigger reveal, well, we get completely sucked into the hype.

Yesterday, the movie dropped the ad and the 12-second teaser, giving as a tiny glimpse of Michael Fassbender’s other character (don’t forget David) and promising a more thorough introduction to Walter, ‘the world’s most advanced synthetic companion’, today. Here’s the original brief clip:

Taking us back to the biblical question: ‘How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge?’ (history has provided us with an answer: very) the video alludes to what the crew is about to discover on their mission to an alien “paradise”. Like the original, it turns out to be less than heavenly. The clip also makes us wonder about Walter and the possibility for artificial intelligence to surpass human beings at a rate much faster than we might expect. Is Walter our future or our end?

The real reveal came today, when launched, an interactive site showing exactly what Alien: Covenant’s synthetic is manufactured to do. His makers promise that the synth will “understand and satisfy” our every want because Walter is “created to serve.” Somehow, we find this more creepy than appealing. Check out the site and decide for yourself.

Alien: Covenant also stars Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Billy Crudup. The movie chestbursts into theatres May 19, 2017.